On the Road, 4/13

I’m amazed at how well-rested we all were this morning, despite all packing together onto one wobbly, possibly-leaking air mattress. Matt insists that I somehow switched places with Mark, on the other side of the bed, overnight, but that’s wishful thinking. He’s just disappointed that Mark made such a lackluster big spoon.

We ate breakfast at a nice little diner in town, featuring the surest way to a traveling Fall’s heart: steak and eggs under ten dollars. We needed all the fuel we could get for this afternoon’s drive into Montreal; a journey that required us to abandon most of our instruments Stateside, as well as many of our sandwich fixins (the Canadian border guards turned out to be much less interested in halting unpermited American musicians than they were in stamping out hoof and mouth disease). The plan is to find more instruments and amps in town before our show tomorrow night, at a perfectly divey hole in the wall called the Barfly. We discovered this afternoon that no other bands were booked for the show after all, despite the booker’s assurances to the contrary, which may yet make assembling a backline a little harder. Ben’s got a friend in town who claims to have gear for us, but we haven’t yet heard from him since arriving, and without international roaming our formerly-“smart” phones have become sleek, metallic candy bars for the time being. At least the employees of MOOG Music near McGill seemed to dig our “Sunday Nights” video when we showed it to them, even though they aren’t able to rent us gear.

I don’t mind the uncertainty, though: we’ve played great shows on shorter notice and with fewer guarantees than this one before, and no matter what we’ll have another story from the road. We’re going to check out the Barfly later tonight, and hopefully find some better poutine than the Pizza Pizza down the street from our hotel could offer. I hear the Montreal nightlife is a lot less oxymoronic than Boston’s, too - maybe it’s not too much to think tomorrow might be our best-attended show yet?

Probably not. But a band can dream, can’t we?

Barre, VT 04/12/14: VT’s Best Dancers

Tonight we played in Barre, at a little place called Espresso Bueno, which had only recently begun hosting shows, but which gave us everything a traveling band like us could ask for - free coffee, free (and delicious) sandwiches, and a nice local crowd to see us play. Shout out to the seventy-year-old man dancing in the front row.

We played with our old friends the Pilgrims, who hiked up from Windsor to the south, they played a great set featuring plenty of barnstormers from their new album BU$$ (check them out @pilgrimsvt posthaste if you don’t already know). Lake Superior from nearby Montpelier were the stars of the night, playing a great set on top of lending us their gear, helping us load in, and showing us around town.

Barre was a nice little town from what we saw before the show - friendly folks, wonderful weather, and a great barbershop located right next to the venue in Downtown Styles. Mark and I finally got the tour haircuts we’d been planning since Thursday (Mark’s looks great, but mine was at least two months overdue). We stayed at the place of one of Lake Superior’s friends, a man known for his BIG HAT and his BIG TRUCK, neither of which disappointed our expectations, and which Mark can attest were almost Texan in their proportions. We went to bed beneath a ceiling lamp adorned with brightly-colored rocket ships and planetoids; all the better to inspire us to even greater heights than even tonight’s show over the rest of the tour.

I mean, we actually sold records! When does that ever happen?

Portland 04/11/14: Which CVS Got Held Up?

We spent Friday morning in the sunny, walkable town of Portland, Maine, which is approximately 50% vintage clothing stores by volume. Some of us needed to pick up prescriptions at the local CVS, which, when we arrived, turned out to have been robbed half an hour previous.

While we played cat-and-mouse with seemingly every pharmacy in town, we found the time to visit Mathew’s (Portland’s oldest restaurant, unshakeable urine smell) and walk past the International Cryptozoology Museum and the waterfront. Much later in the day, after blowing our per diems on a delicious and thrifty meal at Marcy’s Diner (check them out at wwww.nicemuffin.com) and making a long-delayed trip to the nearest Rite Aid, we were off to explore the wilderness.

Mark and Matt are crazy about fishing, but nothing was biting anywhere they went. “You’re not gonna catch anything,” a prepubescent oracle warned us after catching us, poles in hand, tromping through his backyard. The reservoir upstream was spooking the fish, and the tide was too high besides.

After the excitement of the night before we turned in early and checked in to the nearest Econolodge. It feels good to take a shower again. Now if I can just find a decent place to get a haircut…

Portsmouth, NH 04/10: Beware of Sharp Kelp

Hello again in 2014, folks. It’s been a while since we’ve used this space, but it seems like the best place to share what we’ve been up to on the road since yesterday afternoon. We’ve got a couple of shows booked around New England through next Wednesday with our friends Lisa / Liza from Portland, Maine. Last night we played the first of them in Portsmouth, NH, and we’re recuperating now in Portland before moving on to the next one.

Our drive out of Cambridge would have been unexceptional were it not for the pickup Mark and I were stuck behind for miles, faded gold Truck Nutz swaying hypnotically behind it in the slipstream. Another big red-state truck with the license plate “GODSMK” made frequent appearances on the road to Portsmouth too, not to mention “BIGDOG” and the car Matt parked behind outside the venue, the inexplicably plated “SALTCLR” (Salt Cellar?).

We killed some time in a public park on the waterfront which came equipped with the kind of bandstand you’d expect to see Professor Henry Hill showboating around on in the name of curbing juvenile billiards addiction. Mark and Matt started a rock-pitching contest into the pier that quickly escalated into a full-on kelp fight, ending only after Matt took a nasty cut to his pinky out of the blue. Matt’s fine (though he looked pale enough to attract the attention of a local RN, who got up from a restaurant patio to ask if he was okay), and we all agreed that “Sharp Kelp” would make a pretty decent band name.

We played that night at the Red Door, a small and pleasurably-lit loft club sandwiched between two taquerias. We’d been told it was the venue to beat in town, and it didn’t disappoint. The well drinks were delicious and plentiful, in what must have been a test sent from the powers that be to those of us who’ve given up drinking for Lent (why can’t we find venues with this great a drink ticket policy in Cambridge?). It was a great night of music all around, with a wild, fuzz-filled set from Manchester’s Pleasure Gap and a not too disappointing one ourselves. If you haven’t fallen into the ‘Gap yet, do check them out at pleasuregap.bandcamp.com : they reminded me a lot of a punkier, less sci-fi-obsessed Comas, or Cambridge’s own Fedavees.

A thousand thanks go out to Devin, drummer extraordinaire in Lisa / Liza and all-around nice guy; after the show he put us up at his place in South Portland, which was full of tastefully-arranged musical instruments and still-drying silkscreens. He played us some great albums by Metal Feathers and Soft Healer, two local bands we’ll have to watch out for in the future, and showed us his INDOOR POOL, currently drained for maximum skateability as well as acoustic potential (imagine the drum sound you could get inside a pool!). Today we’re off fishin’ in the Portland area, and we might go catch Pleasure Gap’s next show on their own tour while we’re up here. Stay tuned for more stories from the road, as long as the kelp don’t strangle us in our sleep.



Doors are at 8, we go on around 9 or 9:30. 

Don’t be deterred by the drizzle: we’ll be giving out free pairs of limited edition Dying Falls galoshes so you can stay dry in style.


We just released a music video for our song Sunday Nights, a track off our forthcoming LP2.  Dig it!



We’re playing a last minute SHOW THIS WEDNESDAY at T.T. THE BEAR’S PLACE (10 Brookline St. in Central Square, Cambridge) with AL POLK of STREIGHT ANGULAR—backed spontaneously by our own Matt Axten on drums and Dan Thorn on bass—and EARTH HEART—Matt Axten also on drums—and SOME OTHER PEOPLE…we’ll keep you posted!!! COME OUT!!!

Thanks to you folks who braved the rain and came out our show tonight.—And to the dudes who played with us—Memoryy, Photovore, The Kwills, and Balancer.  


Hey folks, We’re playing a show at All Asia in Central Square, Cambridge, tomorrow evening with some other cool cats—Memoryy, Photovore, The Kwills, and Balancer. We go on at 6pm. Cover is $8, but our love is free. Come on out!

Radio, Radio

Hey folks,   We’ll be playing at Radio in Somerville on April 3rd with Fantastic Liars and some other cool cats.  Save that date!!!